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About the Author

The Confederate Gold Widows

A midnight raid on a Union Camp! Men shoved gold into their saddlebags and disappeared. 
While most of the gold was found, some will haunt three women who only want to start new lives and leave the nightmare of their husbands behind.

A home. That's all she wants.

Marietta has a second chance at love with a new husband and a needy baby. Too bad her dead husband's misdeeds come back to haunt her.

The town goes crazy when a man arrives claiming that Marietta has lost Confederate gold. They even dig up her garden to find it.

Will she be able to find a home amongst people who treat her this way? And what will happen when the baby disappears? Will the community pull together to find the little one?

Willa was only the nanny. How did she end up on the Oregon Trail with her young charges?

Cade Chester enjoys his life as a scout for a wagon train. Little does he suspect that any woman could change his desire for adventure.Willa Winston is more than merely a woman needing help. She is the one person he cannot let walk out of his life.

When Willa is forced to pick a husband on the trail, she asks Cade to marry her. Only, she wants to be able to walk away at the end of the journey. That is, until danger comes after her.

Suellen made a lousy choice when she married her bank-robbing husband. How can she trust her heart and head when both tell her that she has met someone she can love?

Gold! Suellen finds a hidden stash of the gleaming coins under the false bottom of her dead husband's trunk. The bank's name, stamped on the bag, tells her that it is stolen. She realizes she must return the gold, but why does the scout insist on accompanying her? She knows that Rufus hates her.

Rufus does not plan on letting the woman out of his sight. Suellen unknowingly is a part of his family's plans for revenge. And does she really think she can cart a baby halfway across the country?

Will a trip to return gold turn into love? Only if two frozen hearts thaw enough to embrace their chance at happiness.

Uncertain Sweethearts

Life in Fox Creek, Kansas allows for few luxuries until the railroad arrives. 

The train brings business to the town as well as three women who marry strangers. 

Little do these brides know that danger waits for them along with their uncertain grooms.

Something is rotten in Fox Creek. Will revealing the truth heal this town?

No one could blame Niall Mackenzie for growling at the woman. After all, he caught Alice Cordell staring through his back window. Worse yet, only minutes later she tells him she has arrived to be his caretaker.

Soon he has a fragile caretaker to watch over, one he struggles to resist. She insists he practice medicine again, healing the locals.

As for Alice, coming to this new home forces her into a surprise marriage. To take her place in the community, she must solve the mystery surrounding an illlegitimate child and clear her husband's reputation.

Unfortunately for her, someone wants to keep the truth a secret--no matter the cost.

They say curiosity kills the cat! It certainly has this heroine on the run!

Hazel Concord finds mysteries compelling. Soon after she arrives at the mission for the Kansa tribe, she learns about men illegally selling liquor to the Kansa men. When one of the boys confides about a new delivery of alcohol, she sneaks away to spy on the moonshiners.

She dreams of catching the lawbreakers. Unfortunately, they catch her. She escapes from the men, except they make it clear they know she is from the mission. That makes it impossible for her to return there.

Paul O’Hanlon returns home late from a trip to a nearby town. He picks up a passenger and starts on the adventure of his life with the lovely blonde.

What will it take to convince Hazel he is no hero. After all, he keeps saving her from dangerous scrapes. Will she ever love him and not some imagined hero?

Romance in Historical Wisconsin

What love isn't worth hardship ?

Lilah Levitt made a terrible mistake when she answered a job advertisement for a hotel in Idyll Wood, Wisconsin. Kidnapped and carted off to a brothel in the North Woods, she barely escaped without being abused.

If not for Sheriff Fred Sittig, her situation would have been tragic...

No matter how often he tried to reason with Lilah, Sheriff Sittig could not get her to realize that she didn't love him. She was only grateful. After all, what would a beautiful and talented young woman want with a backwoods sheriff who could hardly read or write?

Unwilling to leave Idyll Wood and desperate to win the sheriff's love, Lilah Levitt writes a letter to the Lovelorn column for advice. The answer might shock them both and shake up the town of Idyll Wood in the process.

The sheriff was her rescuer. Would he also be the love of her life?

A man who has loved her for five years without telling her… Only two weeks before he has to leave both her and Idyll Wood… A secret that keeps them apart….

Zelly Fuller believes she’s worthless. Her mother certainly made sure of that. Zelly just doesn’t know why. Being loved is an impossible dream until him.

Hart Bahr has loved her from afar. Learning about a bet to harm Zelly, he decides it’s time to claim her as his, both to love and to protect her. Zelly, however, just might have other ideas about that. With a bully whose father has the sheriff in his pocket, mysterious skeletons that bring an old secret to light, and Zelly’s own uncertainty, the road to true love runs anything but smoothly in this sweet historical romance.

Discover if Hart’s longing ever becomes true love.

Carlene lost her job but found love. Will she consider it a good trade?

An orphan, Carlene January travels to Idyll Wood for a job. What she finds instead is trouble that sends her fleeing into the night.

Manny Strong wants to escape the demons that drive him—namely his father and alcohol. After overhearing his father tell his lawyer that Manny wasn’t his child, he decides to leave that night.

From a logging camp to a local farm, this man and woman are on a collision course that leads them into marriage and a fight for Carlene’s life.

Will Carlene’s determination and Manny’s desire to save her be enough to lead them to a happy ending?

Historical Bundles

An omnibus edition of three interconnected stories from the Westward Home and Hearts series:

A man might homestead, but it takes a woman to turn that place into a home! This matchmaker will settle the West one couple at a time.

Nostalgic Christmas romances, complete with little ones!

This set includes previously published titles grouped together as a holiday reading treat!

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