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Ruby's Risk
Westward Home and Hearts 2

A man might homestead, but it takes a woman to turn that place into a home! 


A Farmer

for Christmas

Will Myra’s new husband let her give four motherless girls a happy Christmas?


A Shadowed Groom

for Christmas

Married to a man in a mask, Kitty begins to wonder about her husband. 


A Keeper

for Christmas

People say he crazy. His mail-order bride says the whole town must be blind! 


A Strongman

for Christmas

Stranded at the circus, what will this mail-order bride do? 


Detective to the Rescue

Her first case was a disaster!
Pinkerton Agent Charity Melrose has one more chance to prove her worth and the life of a woman to save. With few clues to the victim's whereabouts, this could be her last case. And what to do with her fake husband?


A Bride for Darrell
Can a man who never agreed to marry the proxy bride and a woman pursued by murderers make a life together?

A Bride for Bode.jpg

A Bride for Bode
All thoughts of annulment disappear when Bode meets his proxy bride. The girl of his dreams! 


A Bride for Boss

The surprise child given to her is not Frankie's, so why does she risk her marriage to keep the little girl? 


A Bride for Harland

Renie Hunter fell in love. Too bad the man who sends for her as proxy wife no longer resembles the man from before.


Grace for a Drifter

Will a grieving husband get the answers he needs to understand why he recognizes his dead bride leaving a hotel? faked her death?


Teacher's Star

Rustlers and a mystified marshal. A treasure map and a missing child. Why does nothing make sense to this smart school teacher?


A Snowy Delivery

for Christmas

Two lonely people in a cold rooming house. A good thing for them that their landlady has Christmas magic at her fingertips.



Aloha My Love: Christmas in July

Two sneaky mothers and an appearance by Elvis add up to a Christmas in July that this couple won't forget in this quick, fun contemporary romance!


Ginger Snap

True love picked a terrible time to grab Ginger Snap’s heart. She saw the man she would love forever. He saw only a scruffy boy.


A Nurse for Niall

The surprise waiting for the young, crippled nurse will lead Alice into an unwanted marriage and a rivalry that threatens her only hope for a career and a home.


Wistful in Wisconsin

He was her rescuer. Would he also be the love of her life? Not if he has anything to say about it!


Hart's Longing

Sometimes a girl needs a hero to inspire her to action rather than merely being her rescuer.


Manny's Triumph

Will Carlene’s determination and Manny’s desire to save her be enough to give them a happy ending?


Massachusetts Bride

While the North and the South war, the battle of married strangers stuck in an old farm house involves unfulfilled love and tormenting nightmares. But what can a man do when his beloved wife prefers the cow’s company?

Wren's Wooer.jpg

Wren's Wooer

Wren Donaldson rejects her wooer, wanting him to only be her good friend. When Mildred Crenshaw, her mother's cousin, sends "the perfect groom" to Wren, she begins to realize her dream man already proposed. Too bad she rejected him.

Her rejected wooer has settled into a friendship with her. Nothing more between them--or is there? And what about the man sent by the matchmaking cousin? What desperate and dangerous measures will her mail-order groom pursue to be sure he marries Wren?

A Match for Lilah.jpg

Lilah Jo

He’s no spring chicken. She’s not a summer blossom.

Together, they add up to a marriage made out of necessity.


Maggie Jorgensen has trouble dogging her heels. She needs a marshal and doesn't realize one has already arrived to help her.
Reg Parkhurst came to Pines Bluff to trap the escaped prisoner. That man vowed revenge on a woman named Maggie Jorgensen. Only, when Reg meets the lovely lady his need to stop the escapee becomes very personal.
After spending time with the marshal in disguise, Maggie can't understand why he sends her to Denver as a mail-order bride. Feeling as she does about Reg, can she marry another man? And why did the matchmaker, Marianne, wear a secret smile when she told Maggie her groom is out of town?


Disgraced and sent east to live with an old-maid aunt, Lucinda jumps at the chance to take Maggie's place. She'll marry a wealthy rancher, a dream come true.
A farmer and not a rich rancher waits for her. Anders Andersson expects a Swedish mail-order bride. Immediately, he senses that the beautiful woman who doesn't speak a word of Swedish hides more than one secret. No matter, he's anxious to marry her and desperately needs her help on the farm.
Isolated, will Lucinda discover who she really is as she pretends to be Maggie? What will happen when the real Maggie suddenly arrives at the farm?

About The Author

Marisa Masterson and her husband of thirty years reside in Saginaw, Michigan. They have two grown children, one son-in-law, a grandchild on the way, and one old and lazy dog. 

She is a retired high school English teacher and oversaw a high school writing center in partnership with the local university. In addition, she is a National Writing Project fellow and a regular contributor to the Sweet Americana Sweethearts and Sweethearts of the West blogs.

Focusing on her home state of Wisconsin, she writes sweet historical romance. Growing up, she loved hearing stories about her family pioneering in that state. Those stories, in part, are what inspired her to begin writing.


Contact Marisa

Saginaw, Michigan

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